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My work is inspired by the human body. It explores the essence of the human form through representation and abstraction.  Utilizing the conventions of contemporary abstract painting, artistic instinct, and multimedia, materials are layered together to create images that mimic or resemble the body in an abstracted state. 


My most recent work Play is an abstraction, the patterns and color relationships developed quickly and impulsively, then were pieced together in a labor-intensive process.  Even though it is made from layered fabrics, the piece embodies painterly qualities: luminosity, subtle color shifts, and stroke. The color palette is inspired by the human body and is a range of flesh tones, pinks, blues, yellows, and blacks. Each color holds a different texture and density. Through layering fabric and transitioning between sheer and opaque materials, the piece is both solid and delicate. Some pieces allow light to creep through from behind, while others are opaque. Its organic shape breaks the mold of a traditional rectangular canvas, mimicking the uniqueness and compelling forms of the human figure.

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